You don't need to carry your Aadhar after this VID

Mar 31 2018 04:35 PM
You don't need to carry your Aadhar after this VID

Do you know what an Aadhaar virtual ID is? After the news of the Aadhaar's misuse, the government has also emphasized the use of the Aadhaar virtual ID. It's all about strengthening the Aadhaar safety.   

What is VID?

Aadhaar card has the Virtual ID template number. This is 16 digits. It can also be called the Aadhaar clone, which will have fewer details. UIDAI will give consumers the opportunity to create a virtual ID of every base. If anyone has to give details about his or her Aadhaar, then he can give a 16-digit virtual ID instead of a 12 digit base number.

The facility of generating virtual IDs will be mandatory from June 1. Aadhaar virtual ID can be generated from the portal of UIDAI. This will be a digital ID. The base holder can generate it several times. At present, VID is valid only for one day. This means that after one day the base holder can regenerate this virtual base ID. It can only be generated from the website of UIDAI.   

How to generate your VID? 

  1. Go to the UIDAI homepage. 
  2. Enter your Aadhaar number now. After that, enter the security code and click on the SEND OTP.   
  3. The OTP will be sent to you on the mobile number from which your Aadhaar is registered.   
  4. After entering OTP, you will get the new VID generated option.   
  5. When it is generated, your virtual ID will be sent to your mobile. i.e. the number of 16 digits will be received.  

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