You may have never seen this kind of mosquito
You may have never seen this kind of mosquito

Mosquitoes trouble the whole world. No matter how much they come, they come and go by sucking your blood, not only that, they also give us many diseases. You know how much small mosquitoes bother us, but just think what will happen if a big mosquito comes in the same way. Yes, you may not have seen such a mosquito as we are going to tell you. Let's know about it.

Actually, a mosquito has been found in China, not a small but a big mosquito, which you have not seen till date. In China, Sichuan province, insectologists have discovered this mosquito, which is said to be the largest mosquito. You can also see its picture. When it spreads wings, its height and size becomes 11.15 centimeters. Please inform that this mosquito is a mosquito of 'Halorussia Mikado' species. This mosquito had also got a hand last year, which looks quite scary.

Its special thing is that even though these mosquitoes look scary, it does not suck human blood. On this, experts told that there are many mosquitoes of this species in the world but there are only a few of them which harm humans.

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