You've never eaten a kheer made of garlic
You've never eaten a kheer made of garlic

Do you also have a hobby of eating sweets, or like kheer, so today we have come up with a dish for you that you may find a little strange about, but you would definitely like to try it once, then you will definitely make it again and again. So let us tell you how to make delicious garlic kheer.

Low Fat Milk- 1 glass
Dates- 3-4
Garlic - 11/2 cups
Corn flour, dissolved:1 tsp

How to make it-

To make garlic kheer, first, grind garlic and soak it in water for 3 to 4 hours. Then boil it with alum for a while, which reduces the pungency and wash it well and keep it aside.

Then mix milk and dates together and boil them in a pan. Then add garlic and cornflour and cook till thick. And just take your garlic kheer ready, serve it hot.

This way you can also make stuffed brinjals

You can eat this sago dish not only in fasting but also on normal days.

Now you can also make pizza in desi style at home

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