Know the cons of hot shower

The cold weather has arrived and now it is getting cold. In such a situation, everyone tries to protect themselves from diseases in the cold and this includes bathing with hot water in the cold. Most people bathe in hot water in cold weather, but did you know that there are many serious disadvantages that affect our health? If you don't know, today we're going to tell you about the disadvantages of bathing with hot water in the cold.

Damage to hot water baths in the cold-

* Taking a hot bath removes the moisture in the body and makes the skin rough. At the same time, it is said that sensitive skin people should not bathe in hot water.

* Bathing with warm water in cold weather eliminates natural oil from the body and increases the risk of allergies and infections in the body.

* A study has found that prolonged warm bathing affects men's fertility. On the other hand, people who have any fertility problems should not bathe in hot water at all.

* In cold weather, the body gets a lot of rest after taking a hot bath, but after taking a bath, the body becomes dull and sleepy.

* Taking a hot bath in cold weather causes wrinkles on the face. In fact, hot water eliminates the natural oil of the body, causing wrinkles on the face quickly.

* Hot water is harmful to hair. Hot water damages the roots of the hair and causes hair loss.

* Bathing with too much hot water does not refresh the body, which can lead to fatigue throughout the day.

* Hot water can eliminate moisture in the eyes and cause itching in the eyes.

* Bathing with hot water causes a lot of damage to women's breasts.

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