Eating these 5 things will keep your body warm in winter, get relief from cold

Wearing woollen clothes in the cold keeps the body warm but it is important that your body is warm from within. Now the question arises: What is the way you can try to keep your body warm? If we tell you that your food can keep you warm from within, you may not believe it, but it's really true. There are many food items that can keep your body warm internally by eating. In such a situation, if it is very cold outside, you should not only wear warm clothes but also consume these food items so that the cold does not touch you.

1- Green chillies:-
Have you ever tasted green chillies? Eating green chillies brings the heat. Its sharpness works by raising the body temperature. In this case, green chillies can be consumed to keep the body warm in the cold.

2- Onion:-
After eating onions, the body temperature increases and it is also effective in sweating. The use of onions also helps in keeping a variety of health problems at bay.

3- Ginger tea:-
There is hardly any better and cheaper way to keep yourself warm. Drinking ginger tea increases body temperature.

4- Turmeric:-
Turmeric is an unmatched medicine in terms of cold. Turmeric can be used to ward off the cold and provide relief. You can also take it with milk if you want.

5- Dry Fruits:-
You can protect yourself in these colds using dates, raisins and other dry fruits. At the same time, it is also an infallible way to improve health.

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