Fall in love with the beauty of Uzbekistan

People prefer to visit different places to spend winter vacations. But have you gone to Uzbekistan to spend your holidays till date? If not, do visit Uzbekistan during these holidays. In Uzbekistan, you can see a lot of tourist spots. In earlier times, people from other countries were not allowed to go to Uzbekistan. Because of which tourists did not come here. Uzbekistan has a very beautiful tourist spot. Who are known for their natural beauty?

Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, welcomes every tourist with all his heart. The people of this city enthusiastically interact with the tourist. Uzbekistan's most famous and favourite dish is Plov. Plov is a pulao-like dish. Rice vegetables and eggs are used to make it. Also, people here love to eat vegetables, eggs and bread.
You will see delicious strawberries being sold along the road as you travel from Fargana Valley to Andijan city. You will see fruit stalls everywhere. Also, you can see Charbak Lake in Uzbekistan. This lake is considered by the people there to be the sea. The Termez Ota present in Uzbekistan is a very old city. You can see unique architecture in this city. Also, the buildings in this city are built using Islamic architecture. In addition, the buildings of 3 madrasas located in the centre of Samarkand, known as deserts, are also extremely beautiful.

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