You will get Netflix, Prime Video and Hotstar for free, recharge your monthly amount with this plan
You will get Netflix, Prime Video and Hotstar for free, recharge your monthly amount with this plan

Major OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar are taking stringent measures to curb password sharing. In response, users are now required to purchase separate subscriptions for each OTT platform they wish to access. However, Airtel has introduced a plan that offers free subscriptions to Netflix, Hotstar, and Prime Video, catering to avid OTT content consumers.

Airtel's ₹1199 Plan

Airtel's postpaid plan priced at ₹1199 comes with 1 regular and 3 free add-on SIM cards. Users enjoy unlimited calling and daily 100 SMS along with a total of 240 GB monthly data. This includes 150GB for the primary SIM and 30GB for each add-on connection. Additionally, the plan offers 200GB data rollover feature.

OTT Benefits Included

This plan extends several OTT benefits to users, including a monthly subscription to Netflix Basic, 6-month access to Amazon Prime, and a 1-year subscription to Disney+ Hotstar mobile. Furthermore, the plan encompasses handset protection, Airtel Xtream Play, and Wink Premium.

Airtel's ₹1499 Plan

Airtel's ₹1499 postpaid plan provides 1 regular and 4 add-on SIM cards. Users receive unlimited calling and daily 100 SMS, along with a total of 320GB monthly data. Similar to the ₹1199 plan, this includes 200GB for the primary connection and 30GB for each add-on connection.

OTT Subscription Inclusions

In terms of OTT subscriptions, customers availing this plan enjoy a variety of benefits. These include a monthly subscription to Netflix Standard, 6-month membership of Amazon Prime, and a 1-year Disney+ Hotstar mobile subscription. By offering these comprehensive plans, Airtel aims to cater to the entertainment needs of its customers while also providing value-added services.  

Catering to Diverse Consumer Needs

Airtel's strategic move to incorporate popular OTT subscriptions into its postpaid plans aligns with the evolving needs of modern consumers. With the increasing popularity of OTT platforms for entertainment, Airtel acknowledges the significance of providing convenient and cost-effective solutions to its customers.

Addressing Password Sharing Concerns

Password sharing has been a growing concern for OTT platforms, leading to revenue losses and security risks. By offering free subscriptions as part of its postpaid plans, Airtel contributes to mitigating this issue. Users no longer need to resort to sharing passwords, ensuring a more secure and legitimate access to content.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty

These value-added services not only attract new customers but also foster loyalty among existing ones. By bundling OTT subscriptions with its plans, Airtel strengthens its relationship with subscribers, positioning itself as a comprehensive solution provider in the telecom and entertainment sectors.

Competitive Advantage in the Telecom Market

In a highly competitive telecom market, differentiation is key to sustaining growth and retaining market share. Airtel's innovative approach sets it apart from competitors, offering unique benefits that resonate with consumers' preferences and lifestyle choices.

Encouraging Digital Adoption

Furthermore, Airtel's initiative promotes digital adoption by incentivizing users to explore and utilize OTT platforms. As consumers increasingly gravitate towards digital entertainment, Airtel's plans serve as an enabler for seamless access to a plethora of content.


Airtel's introduction of postpaid plans with free OTT subscriptions marks a significant step towards redefining the telecom landscape. By addressing the challenges of password sharing and enhancing customer value, Airtel demonstrates its commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. As the demand for digital entertainment continues to surge, Airtel's integrated offerings position it as a frontrunner in meeting the evolving needs of today's consumers.

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