At 40, Look 25: Follow These Makeup Tricks for a Youthful Appearance
At 40, Look 25: Follow These Makeup Tricks for a Youthful Appearance

When it comes to looking youthful during war times, women have a variety of options, ranging from skincare and hair care to cosmetic treatments that they can embrace. However, in addition to these, there is an option available where women can appear younger than their actual age without spending too much. In fact, a makeup artist has revealed that by paying attention to certain things while doing makeup, women can appear younger than their actual age. Let's find out what these makeup hacks or techniques are.

Hydration is crucial
According to Spectrum Collections AMUA Hannah Barnett, the most essential thing for anti-aging makeup is to keep the skin hydrated. Start with a hyaluronic acid-infused serum to make the skin extremely supple and hydrated. Follow this with your favorite moisturizer.

Avoid heavy foundation
Barnett further suggests, "Avoid applying foundations that offer heavy coverage or are excessively matte, as they can enhance fine lines. Instead, opt for a dewy finish tinted moisturizer or a lightweight foundation to give the skin a radiant look."

Use liquid products
Hannah recommends using liquid products instead of powders. She advises applying a liquid concealer with a small brush and placing it in the inner corners of the eyes to give them a fresh look. Choose a peach-toned concealer to neutralize any blue hues in the inner corners of the eyes. Do not apply too much. Opt for cream and liquid products for blush and highlighters. Apply blush to the upper part of the cheeks to give them a round and youthful appearance.

Cream highlighter
Make sure not to forget applying cream highlighter. It adds a glow to the skin. Apply highlighter on the cheekbones and the upper parts of the brows.

Deep-colored eyebrow
Well-defined eyebrows can significantly contribute to a youthful appearance. Use a deep-colored brow pencil for natural-looking brows. You can also use brow gel.

Eyeliner and eyeshadows
Eyeliner and eyeshadows can also be helpful in achieving a younger look. Hannah suggests choosing a brown eyeliner for a lifted line. Apply a dark brown eyeshadow for a heavy look.

Curled eyebrows
Hannah suggests that sometimes curling the eyebrows can also make one look younger. However, avoid doing it all the time.

Lip color
You can get a little experimental with lip color. For a natural look, go for a shade that matches your lip tone. If you prefer bold lip shades, try a peachy shade for warmer months and a berry shade for colder months.

Avoid direct sunlight
If you expose yourself to direct sunlight, your skin cells could get damaged, and no matter how much makeup you apply, it won't be able to conceal that flaw.

By following these makeup tips, women can achieve a youthful appearance without the need for expensive treatments. These simple and effective hacks can help them look and feel their best during challenging times.

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