You will must shocked by reading about the benefits of poppy seeds
You will must shocked by reading about the benefits of poppy seeds

Many times due to bad eating habits, our bones start getting weak, due to which our body posture  gets deteriorates. Calcium is needed to make bones strong and it is found in many types of food. Today we will tell you about a special type of seed, in which calcium is found in abundance. These are called poppy seeds. In addition to calcium, it contains many nutrients including protein, iron, magnesium, fiber, zinc, copper, selenium, vitamin E. Let us tell you that these seeds are obtained from the poppy plant, which has to go through many processes to make them edible. Consuming them in the right quantity gives many benefits.

Beneficial for digestion:
Poppy seeds contain fiber which is important for good digestion process.

Source of Energy:-
Poppy seeds contain carbohydrates which are a good source of energy for the body.

Help in good sleep:-
Poppy seeds contain an amino acid called the onine which helps in sleep while sleeping.

Beneficial for the heart:
Poppy seeds contain alpha-linolenic acid which is beneficial for the heart.

Poppy seeds contain a specially called phytochemical that helps fight cancer.

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