A Young Entrepreneur, Environmentalist and an avid Golfer – Meet Mr Justin Kimbrough and read about his unique success story.

Justin Kimbrough, who believes that everyone in the world is just 5 contacts away from a massive breakthrough, is reaching new limits by adapting to the self-taught principles of business.

An ambitious entrepreneur who started trading forex and stocks at the age of 18, believes that it is not enough to be taught how to conduct business by a professor who does not own or run a business themselves, this led him to leave college so that he could go out and learn the principles and basics of financial markets and how to succeed in them by working for a company conducting Forex training and mentorship. 

Justin says, “One of my principal beliefs is that no business is direct competition which is why I follow complete transparency in my business strategies and operations. While most entrepreneurs do not like to share their success secrets with others, I never hide my techniques from others.” This attitude makes him unique and a leader to thousands of people who emulate Justin’s strategies in order to be successful themselves.

He feels that the real competition is with people who are ahead of you and doing more than you, he mentions how he competes with people who are wealthier and more successful than him, he feels like this attitude is what keeps him hungry and on the cutting edge. 

Krimbrough strongly believes that helping others thrive also helps in self-development and understands that networking helps you reach new connections that could have resources, advice or a network that could take your business to the necel level. This has led him to love traveling, building, and developing personal relationships which enlarges his network, bringing in more opportunities to grow his business and his influence. 

Justin has not limited this growth to himself but has helped many of his clients and students by making their business more prominent, scaling up their operations to achieve elite levels of wealth. He, through his own consulting firm, has helped countless entrepreneurs increase their cash flow and capital. Justin has also funded over 10 million dollars in various fields of business including real estate, equities, e-commerce and many more verticals. His passion does not stop at trading and building businesses, he also loves to play golf and has a deep passion for helping the community philanthropically and through volunteering his time. Justin is a professional golfer and has advantageous goals for his athletic career, whatever Justin does, he does it at the highest level. 

Justin has always been active in using his money for the development of society and environment around him. He looks forward to giving back to society with whatever resources he has. His future plan is to use his network to grow his business, continue to train and compete in gold and  he even has a global exploration trip in the cards. This dynamic entrepreneur stands as a true inspiration to the young generation.

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