Young man fatally stabbed at meat shop during Eid celebrations in Fatehpur district of UP
Young man fatally stabbed at meat shop during Eid celebrations in Fatehpur district of UP

Lucknow: Tragedy struck a family during the Eid festivities in Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh, turning their joyous occasion into one of sorrow. A young man, identified as Sher Ali, was brutally murdered while purchasing mutton at a local shop, shocking the entire area. The incident occurred in broad daylight, sending shockwaves through the community. Upon receiving information, the police swiftly arrived at the scene and rushed the injured youth to the district hospital. Tragically, doctors pronounced him dead upon arrival.

During the inspection of the crime scene, the Superintendent of Police (SP) issued directives to apprehend the assailant without delay. The victim, Sher Ali, aged 27 and a resident of Thariyaanv police station area in Fatehpur district, had returned home after offering Eid prayers. Subsequently, he visited a meat shop to purchase mutton. A dispute ensued between Sher Ali and a 35-year-old man named Chaman over who would be served first. The altercation escalated, leading Chaman to viciously attack Sher Ali with a knife from the shop before fleeing the scene, leaving the victim in critical condition.

Sher Ali's brother, Ashraf, revealed that the family had gathered at home after the Eid prayers. Despite his advice against leaving, Sher Ali insisted on purchasing meat and went to Ambapur to meet friends. However, tragedy struck when news of the incident reached them, leaving the family in shock. Ashraf mentioned an ongoing dispute, with their mother often instigating conflicts. The primary suspect identified is Chaman, accompanied by one or two others.

Fatehpur SP Uday Shankar Singh stated that the incident occurred in the Sarai town Thariyav locality, where Shabbir operates a chicken-mutton shop. The altercation initially arose over a disagreement regarding the meat purchase, leading to the fatal attack by the accused wielding the shopkeeper's knife. A case has been registered, and efforts are underway to apprehend the perpetrators involved in the heinous crime.

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