Your career options influence your fertility
Your career options influence your fertility

Along with the various aspects of our lifestyle, you would be surprised to know that our career choices also tend to influence our fertility.

According to the studies conducted by a renowned University, the fertility of males and females is greatly affected by the professions they follow.

Surveys were conducted with students and the postulated results said that both the male and the female students, desired to achieve their specific goals before they became parents. Very few students were introduced to the fact that a female’s fertility declines after a certain age. And even fewer knew about the male’s body.

Well, it is worth mentioning here that a female’s fertility reduces at the age of about 35-39 years while in case of males, the fertility reduces at the age of 45-49 years.

The studies stated that females were more keen on pursuing their career before they opted for parenthood than males. It was also stated by most of the students that they wanted a loyal and compatible partner before they got married or became parents.

Most of the students sought career options that usually take time to be accomplished and did not really care about the age at which they were going to marry or enjoy parenthood.

You must be knowing, age is a big factor that defines the fertility of both, the male and the female sexes. Hence late marriage or late family planning could lead to serious issues during conceiving.

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