Your vision is what shall eventually shape your country.

Aug 12 2018 02:25 PM
Your vision is what shall eventually shape your country.

Standing under the waving national flag of my country, I spent 14 wonderful years of life. Every Independence Day, reciting the pledge was an unforgettable moment. The echoing voices filled my head with some sort of extraordinary enthusiasm and a patriotic vibe that I still cherish.

A day ago, I came across an article which started with some figures. Figures that discussed the failure of our country, from 1947, till date, in bringing down the rates of crime that bloomed in the period. It discussed the dark future, that according to its author, we were approaching.

It discussed every dark aspect that could force one into believing that India was approaching its end.

Well, it is not about how the world considers us, it was never about that. What matters is, how much have we believed in the vision of progress.

It is our vision as Indians, that would eventually shape our days to arrive.

We need believers, who seek to take the country forward, with the acceptance of whatever the present day figures would be.

Disappointment and humiliation are a part of the process. We do not need leaders, we need volunteers, rather, we need to be volunteers.

Before I could return manipulated by the anonymous writer, I was lucky enough to come across another statement that read: “Mera Bharat Mahaan Nahi Hai, Par Ek Din Zaroor Hoga”.

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