This Youtuber lives in the world's smallest Air BNB for 24 hours

YouTuber Ryan Trahan is in discussions these days. He has recently shared a video on social media and has come to the discussions because of this video. In this video, he has shared his experience of living for 24 hours in the world's smallest Air BNB. This house on wheels has been designed by artist Jeff Smith of Harvard University in Boston. Ryan wrote in the caption, sharing his experience of living in the house, "I can't believe I've been in the smallest house in the world for 24 hours," 

Further, Ryan compares the size of the house with a shopping cart and a refrigerator. Referring to the former ' The Rock ' Johnson, he said, "His length is 6 feet 5 inches, so I don't think rock can fit into this house." Before taking part in this very bizarre challenge, Ryan met Jeff, who instructed him to stay in the house. According to reports, after a few hours in the house, the police questioned him about what he was doing inside such a small, green structure. During that, Ryan told him, ' he will stay in it for a day. '

After that, the police instructed him to go there, but in the meantime, two strangers came to save him. He takes the house 1,600 metres away from his original place. While this video is carefully viewed, it is known that there are many facilities available inside this House. There are windows in this small house, and many more things with water facility. This video has been a splash at this time.

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