Zelensky, Johnson meet on defence security concern

KIEV: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is visiting Ukraine, to discuss defence and security concerns, according to the presidential press office.

As per reports, Zelensky and Johnson reviewed in depth the current situation on the frontlines in Ukraine's east and south, as well as military supply. "We discussed the importance of increasing the availability of heavy weapons. Today, the most important issue is to provide air defence for Ukraine. We began moving in this approach "After the talks, Zelensky told reporters.

Johnson, for his part, said that his country is prepared to continue delivering weaponry to Ukraine as well as organising military training for its usage.

Furthermore, the parties discussed security guarantees for Ukraine and initiatives to eliminate landmines from Ukrainian territory. Other major subjects of discussion included financial and economic support for Kiev, the blockade of Ukrainian ports, and measures to resolve Ukraine's energy issue.

Johnson landed in Kiev earlier today for his second trip since the war between Russia and Ukraine began. On April 9, the British Prime Minister paid a visit to Kiev, Ukraine's capital.

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