Zelio Launches X Men Low-Speed Electric Scooter, Targets Students and Commuters
Zelio Launches X Men Low-Speed Electric Scooter, Targets Students and Commuters

Zelio Ebikes, an electric vehicle startup, has unveiled its latest model, the X Men low-speed electric scooter, priced between Rs 64,543 and Rs 87,573, ex-showroom. This new range from Zelio comes in five variants and offers multiple color options including black, white, sea green, and red. The X Men is primarily aimed at school students, college-goers, and office commuters seeking a lightweight and stylish mode of transport.

The base model of the X Men is equipped with a 60V/32AH lead-acid battery, providing a range of 55-60 km and requiring 7-8 hours for a full charge. The second variant features a 72V/32AH lead-acid battery, extending the range to 70 km with a 7-9 hour charging time. The top variant comes with a 60V/32AH lithium-ion battery, offering an impressive 80 km range and reducing the charging time to just 4 hours.

All variants of the X Men are powered by a 60/72V BLDC motor and are designed to be lightweight, weighing only 80 kg, with a carrying capacity of up to 180 kg.

In terms of features, the X Men scooters are equipped with a variety of modern amenities including an anti-theft alarm, front disk brakes, rear drum brakes, and alloy wheels. Other notable features include a reverse gear, parking switch, auto repair switch, USB charger, hydraulic shock absorbers, digital display, and central locking.

"Every variant comes with a 60/72V BLDC motor. According to the company, these lightweight scooters, weighing only 80 kg, can carry up to 180 kg," Zelio said in a statement.

Additionally, Zelio has recently inaugurated a new manufacturing facility in Ladwa, Hisar, Haryana.

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