Ziro Festival of Music: Here's how you can celebrate

The Ziro Music Festival, an outdoor music event that highlights the skill of independent performers in India, is the most popular music festival in the heart of Arunachal Pradesh's lush valley. The most notable musicians from India come together for this festival, and a wide range of people attend to watch. The Ziro Music Festival is a fusion of music, art, and vibrant culture. Anup Kutty, the guitarist for Menwhopause, and Bobby Hano founded the festival in 2012; it lasts for four days and is held in Ziro.

Why Ziro?

Ziro Valley is the ideal spot to feel alive, reconnect with nature, and renew one's body, mind, and soul. Putting the jokes aside, the valley is one of the most picturesque in the nation, with its tiered rice fields, unfathomably blue skies, a ring of deep green trees, and distant, towering Eastern Himalayan range. And yes, in the midst of all of this is one of India's most beautiful music festivals.

Ziro Festival of Music is also one of the few environmentally friendly music festivals in the nation; the hosts are none other than members of the nearby Apatani tribe, who are renowned for their extreme respect for the natural world, and the festival's infrastructure and stages are almost entirely made of locally sourced bamboo.

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About the Festival: 

In the centre of this magnificent valley, the four-day Ziro Music Festival, which runs from September 29 to October 2, 2022, should be seen as a model for outdoor music festivals in India. It started in 2012. Amazing music from all over the nation, regional cultural events, delicious food, and a tonne of other outdoor activities, such as yoga and meditation classes, dance workshops, and more, are all available. This year, a local Apatani tribal member will lead a class on traditional music, and Yangdup Lama, a master mixologist and bartender from Sidecar in Delhi, will lead a workshop on mocktails. You can take part in workshops on creative writing, filmmaking, poetry, and storytelling as part of the concurrent Ziro Literary Festival.

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Type of Music at the Ziro Festival: 

There are more than 40 bands and musical performers participating in the two stages of the music festival. From folk and classical to electronica, pop, jazz, rock, rap, and blues, you can expect it all. The festival will include bands from all throughout India, with a focus on those from the area. It is vital to be open to discovering new music and independent performers if you plan on attending Ziro. 

This year's lineup features the Shillong collective Da Minot, whose music is influenced by Khasi music, the Assamese quartet Dr Declan Oppenheimer's Polyphonic Experience, known for their soothing music, and David Angu and the Tribe, an Itanagar folk and rock combo that reinvents Tani tribe folk songs. Motherjane, an Indian rock band from Kochi, Easy Wanderings from Pune, Rabbi Shergill from Delhi, Rehman-e-Nusrat from Uttarakhand, and 90s celebrity turned Instagram sensation Baba Sehgal are among the performers.

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Where is the festival celebrated? 

Arunachal Pradesh's Lower Subansiri district has the town of Ziro. It is mesmerising to see the city encircled by mighty mountains in all its breathtaking glory. Ziro Valley stands out due to the kind and warm Apatani tribe, the breathtaking nature, the attractive towns, rivers, rice fields, and landscapes. Recently, UNESCO added it to the list of World Heritage Sites.

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