Zoom app released better update than before

May 31 2020 07:44 PM
Zoom app released better update than before

In the video conferencing app Zoom, major changes have been made regarding security and privacy. Under this, the company has started giving the new update Zoom 5.0 to the Zoom app users from May 30. The company claims that this update will make the Zoom app more secure than before. The company informed through a blog post that by June 30, the zoom will be encrypted between the zoom room controllers and the zoom rooms. Earlier, the Zoom app used to work on the standard AES-256 ECB Inscript, which has now been shifted to AES-256-bi GCM encrypt support, which is more secure with more privacy than before.

However, it is still not full-proof end-to-end inscript, as seen in WhatsApp and Google Meet. However, it is definitely better that GCM Encrypt is better than before. Users will have to update it to continue using the Zoom app. A new security icon has been introduced from Zoom 5.0, which connects to many new security features. Now users will be able to shift themselves directly to the small screen. Also, you will be able to secure the option of meeting locking and screen sharing. Zoom states that the minimum default password for meetings, webinars and cloud recordings should be six characters in length.

Along with this, controls have now been given to identify unauthorized access in the Zoom app. Apart from this, due to the new user interface update, hosts can now decide to end the meeting or leave the meeting. Recently, a petition was filed in the Supreme Court regarding the ban on Zoom. This petition said that the Zoom app is a threat to national security and can lead to an increase in cyber attacks and cyber crime in India. Apart from this, Zoom also admitted that the data of Indians was leaked from its platform. After this, preparations are being made to ban the Zoom app.

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