‘Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’ shocking highlight

Nov 04 2017 02:57 PM
‘Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’ shocking highlight

Ravina and Kareena are discussing if what they heard about Harak is true and Kareena says he is glad that Harman isn’t bothered by Preeto’s condition. They decide to confirm it and Kareena calls Harak and asks if what they heard about him is true. Harak yells at her and says she can call whoever directly to get any clarification but don’t she dare call him ever again. Mohini asks what’s the matter and he asks her to mind her own work.

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Raavi and Shanno are ready with their plan and send Viran to talk to Harak and Harak starts pampering Mohini and says if he wants to talk about Mohini and him then he isn’t interested. Viran says he isn’t interested in his personal life and Harak asks Mohini to go out for a moment. Mohini reaches the stairs and sees Raavi and Shannos’ reflection in the mirror and gets that something is wrong. She sees Chintoo playing downstairs and shouts that Chintoo caught electric current and asks for help. Raavi runs to save him and falls off the stairs and Mohini asks her to think of something big as she has played these games in her childhood.


Harman is giving his earning to Malika when Saumya comes there with Preeto and says that every girl would want to have a husband like her but no mother would like to have a son like him who had left his mom in such circumstances. Harman says to Preeto that she came here when she can’t convince him on the road. He tells them Mohini’s address and all about her and that she can do anything for money. He says he has enquired it all and he knows his dad well that he won’t ever do any such thing.

Preeto says she is a woman and that woman has made her life hell. Harman says he has left that house because of all these dramas of theirs and if they can’t let him stay peacefully here then he can leave this world and then maybe he can get peace. Saumya says she can’t clear his doubt but she’ll go with her and do whatever she can and says to Malika that eunuchs upbringings tell them that they don’t let anyone go empty hand from their door so she’ll go and do whatever she can and then she’ll return. She grabs Preeto’s hand and asks her to come along and says she’ll talk to Harak and that Mohini. Preeto thinks what’s the use of taking her along and asks Saumya to let it be and swears her to stay back and leaves. Saumya says to Harman that she didn’t expect this from him.

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Raavi is crying in pain and Harak asks her to get up and prepare dinner. She asks if he can’t see she is in pain and Harak says he knows she does thins since her childhood and asks her to get up and make “Matar paneer” for Mohini. Mohini comes there and asks her to make it spicy and Harak asks her to show her the magic of her hand. Mohini twists Raavi’s back and she cries in pain.

Varun asks Surbhi what could he do if Saumya asked Preeto to stay back and anyway he can’t argue with Preeto. Maninder says it’s good now Saumya will become Preeto’s “sardardi”. Surbhi says it’s good if she becomes her standard as whenever she has been considered as a standard she became her dear one be it mom, her or Harman. And now if she becomes Preeto’s dear one then that’s even better. Raavi and Shanno are discussing Diwali Pooja when Mohini comes there and says she won’t let them burn any crackers and Shanno asks her to stay away from. Their family matters or else she’ll teach her a lesson. Mohini asks her to beware or else she can see Raavi.

Preeto is feeling helpless and reminisces how Harak asked her that they have to drink this poison and that she can’t live without Harman. She calls Saumya and asks her to tell Harman that she is gonna jump in the pond.

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