1 thousand sedition cases will be filed against Rahul Gandhi, accused of fanning China propaganda
1 thousand sedition cases will be filed against Rahul Gandhi, accused of fanning China propaganda

Guwahati: Several BJP leaders of Assam have made preparations to file about 1000 sedition cases against former Congress President and sitting Lok Sabha MP Rahul Gandhi. The news agency ANI has given this news on the basis of sources on 13 January. This case is being registered in protest against the tweet of Rahul Gandhi, in which he described India starting from Gujarat and ending on Bengal. The news published by ANI based on sources has been told that BJP leaders allege that the former Congress president has given consent to the claim of Left China, in which it claims Arunachal Pradesh as its part.


Let us tell you that Rahul Gandhi did this controversial tweet on 10 February. In that tweet, Rahul Gandhi wrote that, 'Our union is capable. Our union is of culture. Our union is of diversity. Our union is of language. Our union is of the people. Our union is of the states. From Kashmir to Kerala and from Gujarat to West Bengal. India is beautiful with all its colors. Don't insult the sentiments of India. After this tweet, Tripura CM Biplab Deb, Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma and Manipur CM N Biren Singh had objected to it.


He had said that Rahul Gandhi did not give place to the states of the Northeast in his tweet. BJP leaders allege that Rahul Gandhi has started ignoring the northeastern states ever since China staked claim on Arunachal Pradesh.

The day when this controversial tweet was made by Rahul Gandhi, Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma had said, 'India is far ahead of a union. It is a proud nation. India cannot be afflicted by any piecemeal mentality. What is your problem with nation, nationalism and patriotism? And listen, outside Bengal we exist in the Northeast as well.' Similarly, Biren Singh and Biplab Kumar Deb had also objected to Rahul Gandhi's tweet.

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