10 people killed in Philippines due to 'goni', 18th hurricane knocking this year
10 people killed in Philippines due to 'goni', 18th hurricane knocking this year

Manila: At least 10 people lost their lives due to cyclonic storm 'Goni' in the Bicol region of Luzon island in philippines , while three others are said to be missing. Information in this regard has been provided by the Office of Civil Defense Department (OCD) of the Philippines.

Giving information, the OCD said that nine people died in the severely affected Albay province while one died in Katanduanes province. According to the Meteorological Department, 'Goni' caused strong winds at a speed of 225-310 kmph. The cyclone knocked off Luzon Island at 4:50 on Sunday morning. According to OCD, more than 3.90 lakh people have been evacuated to safer places in view of the storm. More than 3.45 people are staying in government facilities.

Floods and landslides have caused heavy destruction in the Bicol region due to the storm. 12 of the 17 areas of the Philippines have been affected by the storm. 'Goni' also passed through the western region of Luzon after a few hours of subsidence. It is being told that it will also pass through Quezon Province and Manila. The storm is expected to weaken by the time it reaches Manila. After this it will turn to South China Sea. 'Goni' is the 18th cyclone to hit the Philippines this year.

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