13-year-old girl burnt to death in Haryana after dispute with neighbour

Jul 12 2020 05:12 PM
13-year-old girl burnt to death in Haryana after dispute with neighbour

After a dispute with a woman, young man set fire to her family in In Arjan Nagar, Kaithal. In this dispute, a 13-year-old innocent girl died on the spot and the woman and her husband were seriously injured in the fire. The woman has been referred to PGI Hospital for treatment. But her husband has been admitted to the general hospital. According to the information received, the police has started questioning after arresting the culprit. In the complaint received by the police, the victim's youth has written that Tohana, a resident of Subhash, used to live in his house. Some time ago, there was a dispute with his wife about something. For this reason, Subhash started living in anger with his family.

On the night of 10 July, he and his family were eating and sleeping in their house. Around 1 o'clock in the night, he called for a young man to come inside the room. When he got up and saw, Subhash was sprinkling kerosene on his wife Bala and the girl Tamanna. Remove the matchbox from the pocket and burn them by burning a stick.

He tried to catch the culprit but he jumped off the wall and escaped. With the help of neighbors, both were admitted to the hospital. Where the daughter died. The SHO has said that according to the statement of the victim, the investigation has been started by registering the case. SP Shashank Sawan has told that restraining orders have been issued against crimes against women.

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