Haryana: Man lost life due to dispute between two groups

Jul 12 2020 03:59 PM
Haryana: Man lost life due to dispute between two groups

Today, no one is unaware that the crime incidents are increasing continuously across the country, due to which everyone is upset. Everyday some such news comes to the fore, which makes people's soul tremble. Recently, a similar case has surfaced again, which shocked people. This is the case of Haryana, where the fight started in two groups who had gone to eat at the hotel in Rewari. After which this clash turned into severe fight. Meanwhile, a group beat a young man to death. This incident is being said of late Saturday night. The police reached the scene, and started the investigation.

According to the information, at a hotel in village Karauli on the Jhajjar-Rewari border, the youth of village Chitrauli had gone to eat food from the village Bahala. Meanwhile, a fight has started in the group of youths. Bahasa resident Sudesh was seriously injured in this attack and admitted to district Kanina Hospital. He died while undergoing treatment but the police took the body and got involved in the investigation.

About the whole incident, Kosli police station in-charge Jagbir Singh has told that there was a dispute between the two groups over drinking alcohol, in which lathi-baton fighting started and during which a young man lost his life. Police has taken possession of the body and is being investigated by filing a case against the accused.

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