5-year-old daughter murdered due to mother's illicit relationship, father commits suicide in grief

Hyderabad: After killing a 5-year-old girl in Hyderabad, Telangana, her father committed suicide and gave up his life. The girl was brutally murdered a week ago. The incident is from the Ghatkesar police station in Hyderabad where the innocent was murdered for having illicit relations. A week after the incident, the 37-year-old father of the girl jumped in front of the moving train and committed suicide. The name of this person was Kalyan Rao, who was the Panchayat Secretary. Kalyan Rao committed suicide at Bhongir railway station.

The girl's name is said to be Adhya, who was strangled to death by a person named Karunakar in her house. The police has arrested the killer. The girl's mother Anusha and another accused Rajasekhar were arrested along with the accused. It has been revealed in the police investigation that through Facebook, Anusha was befriended by Karunakar and Rajasekhar. After this, close proximity among these people started increasing. This started to affect Anusha's family as well. On the day of the incident, Karunakar saw Anusha with Rajasekhar. After this, the dispute started growing in all three and in this Karunakar killed the girl.

Police arrested the three accused and sent them in custody. After the suicide of the girl's father, there is mourning in the whole area, because after the murder of the girl, people's sympathy with her father was greatly increased. The girl was killed in Rachkonda zone a week ago. The assassin later attempted to kill himself as well. People around informed the police, after which he was arrested.

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