A 17-year-old girl sets herself to fire, police engaged in investigation
A 17-year-old girl sets herself to fire, police engaged in investigation

Recently, a case of crime has come to light from Dholpur district. In this case, a 17-year-old girl has set herself on fire by pouring kerosene and she is completely scorched due to the fire. In this case, it is being told that when Poonam set herself on fire, there was no one but the girl's brother at home and the police said, "Poonam was severely burnt by his younger brother admitted her at Bari Hospital in Dholpur.  Poonam has not told the police the reason for setting fire to the inquiry. "In this case, Poonam is a resident of Fort Bari near Purana police station and Rajeev Goyal of Bari Hospital said that," Poonam was injured after the fire brought to the hospital. During the investigation, it was found that she was badly burnt.

She is burnt at almost 100 per cent. She has been referred to the Higher Center by providing first aid. Poonam is not giving any reason for setting the fire. Presently, she has been referred from Bari Hospital. The teenager's parents have gone on a pilgrimage. Even at the time of this incident, they were not present at home. Poonam and her brother were alone at home.

According to the reports, "When Poonam locked herself in the room and put kerosene on fire at night, suddenly Poonam's younger brother Titu woke up and tried hard to extinguish the fire but by then Poonam 's body was badly burnt "Now the police is engaged in the investigation in this matter.

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