Two constables rape woman after entering the couple's room
Two constables rape woman after entering the couple's room

Chennai: The crime case that has come up recently has shocked everyone. Whatever has happened in this case, you will lose confidence from the police. According to the information received the matter is being told of Puducherry. In this case, two constables have been suspended for raping the woman. There have been reports that in Puducherry, the major tourist area, many lovers arrive every weekend.

In this case, last Friday night, two lovers living in Cuddalore stayed there after wandering around and during that time both the constable Satish Kumar and Suresh Lover couple posted on patrolling went to the room. There, he knocked on the door of a loving couple's room. After that he also threatened them that they will tell their family about this and will file a case against them. After threatening it, both of them took the boy out and both went inside.

Both of them raped the girl and both also took money from the couple and then left. Now the couples complained in this case after which two constables were suspended.

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