Jharkhand police accused of drinking alcohol, IPS says "We were drinking black tea"
Jharkhand police accused of drinking alcohol, IPS says

Ranchi: A tweet made to Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren put the police department in the dock of questions. Attaching a still picture of the video, CM Hemant Soren tweeted and accused the police of the Ratu police station that police officers were drinking alcohol at 2 pm. In this 17-second video, IPS trainee in-charge of Ratu police station, IPS is seen sitting in the cabin with his inspector and placed a glass in front of the inspector, which contains beverages, and based on this video, police officers are accused. They have drunk alcohol.

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Rejecting this, trainee IPS Vijay Shankar said that after the raid, they were sitting at 3 in the night drinking black tea, as evidenced in the video, the black tea case, and flask. The police clearly say that an attempt is being made to tarnish the image of the police against whom a criminal defamation appeal will be filed. In fact, the whole controversy started when the police of Ratu police station had reached to arrest several named accused in the case of communal tension in Hurhuri township of 2019.

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When the culprits were arrested and brought to the police station, their supporters also reached the police station from behind. IPS also said that in protest against the arrest, people reached the police station and created a ruckus and made a video of drinking tea and complaining about drinking alcohol, and tried to discredit them.

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