2 sisters were continuously raped and then the accused burst their...

Aug 09 2019 02:00 PM
2 sisters were continuously raped and then the accused burst their...

Recently, increasing cases of crime are coming to light. One such case that has come to light recently is Katihar. Yes, two cousins were murdered with a sharp weapon after they were raped in Amdabad area of Katihar district in Bihar. Yes, not only that, according to reports, the perpetrators also burst their eyes in vandalism after the rape. After the murder, they tied up the bodies in their clothes and threw them into the bush.

The man, who was not getting dowry from wife, gave her Triple Talaq and cut her nose!

According to reports, the mother of the deceased said that the two sisters had been sent to Diara on Wednesday to bring back the noon vegetable. The search was launched late in the evening and the night after which nothing could be known. On Thursday morning, villagers spotted the bodies of the two tied up in Dupatta. The two cousins often lived together and have to cross the Ganga three km where the incident took place.

Policeman forcibly entered the female restroom and raped the female prisoner

According to reports, the police arrived three hours after the information. This cannot be termed as the first case because there have been many cases that have been shocking. The investigation of the accused in the case is still going on and the accused will be taken into custody soon.

The couple's affair in the panchayat was heard and then...

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