Do these things on Kalashtami fast to get auspicious results

Sep 19 2019 04:20 PM
Do these things on Kalashtami fast to get auspicious results

As you all know, according to Hindu beliefs, Kalashtami is celebrated on the Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha of every month, so on this day, worshipers of Kaal Bhairav keep fast and worship him. At the same time, the most important Kalashtami falls in the month of Magh and it is called Bhairav Ashtami. It is believed that on this day Shiva took the form of Kaal Bhairav and in this year, 12 Kalashtami fasts will take place. At the same time, Kalabhairava is actually a form of Lord Shiva and he is called the God of time. Kaal means time and Bhairav means 'incarnation of Shiva'.

When is Kalashtami in September - Kalashtami of September this year is on 21st and according to the Panchang, the beginning of Ashtami Tithi starts at 8.21 pm and will end on September 22 at 7.50 pm. In such a situation, worshipping on the night of 21 September is considered auspicious and it is believed that on this day, a person who worships Kalabhairava keeps away negative powers and at the same time brings happiness, peace and prosperity in life.

Worship in the night is important - Kalashtami is worshipped in the night and Kaal Bhairav is worshipped in 16 ways. On this day the seeker should worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and read the story of Bhairav Baba. It is said that by doing this, ghosts, negative powers and financial problems are removed and Lord Kaal Bhairav's vehicle is a dog, it is auspicious to feed him too. It is said that bathing in the holy river on the day of Kaal Bhairav and performing shradh and tarpan of the ancestors is also recognized and in the worship of Kaal Bhairav, use black sesame, incense, lamp, odour, urad, etc.

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