Here's why Friday 13th is considered creepy, know what is Black Friday!
Here's why Friday 13th is considered creepy, know what is Black Friday!

13th Friday is considered very unfortunate. It is also known as Black Friday. Regardless of whether you believe in superstitions or not, there are many people in the world who believe that the 13th, especially on Friday, is bad. It is not considered auspicious. Although there is no scientific basis behind all this, people believe it and consider this day as bad. Know here why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky.

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It is said that Friday 13th is considered inauspicious since the time of the Bible. Some people say that Jesus Christ had done his last supper, i.e. dinner with 13 people and died the next day. It is also believed that 13 guests came during the time of Lord Jesus. For this reason, this day is considered bad.

Assumptions -

It is also believed that these 13 people were unfaithful and it was because of them that such a big incident happened with Lord Jesus. Apart from this, there is one more thing. Indeed, the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, together with the King of France, sentences a monastic military order, who was known as the Knights Templar and their leader ordered to be crucified along with torture.

Apart from this, Jesus was crucified on Friday itself. Because of this, if 13th date and Friday are ever met then they create misfortune. People of America are quite afraid about the meeting of this date and day. Even the help of many psychologists is taken.

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What has happened so far on Friday 13th:

* Famous American rapper Tupac Shakur died on Friday, 13 September 1996. He was shot six days before his death.

* Also according to an estimate, most people do not like to go to work on Friday 13th in North Carolina, USA. This results in a loss of 700 million pounds. But on October 13, 1989, the American stock market Dow Jones crashed badly. It was the second biggest shock in the history of the Dow Jones.

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* On Friday, October 13, 1972, a plaza accident occurred in the Andes, the world's longest mountain range, killing 12 people. The 16 people who survived the accident had to prepare their food for the dead to keep themselves alive.

* November 13, 1970, was also a Friday, and on that day Bhola Cyclone targeted Bangladesh and India. 5 lakh people were killed in this cyclone.

* On Friday, 13 January 2012, a ship named Costa Concordia sank, killing 32 people. There were four thousand people on this cruise when he hit a beach in Italy.

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