3 ideas to amp up your bedroom decor game

Jun 14 2021 01:27 PM
3  ideas to amp up your bedroom decor game

Decorating your bedroom requires creativity, innovation and out of the box thinking. While decorating it, you need to keep a lot of things in mind, be it the colour combination, the vibe and the spacing.

 The easiest way to decorate your room is by ordering a few knick-knacks from online home decor websites, there is a certain charm and appeal in making those items on your own. So we have for you 3 such clever bedroom decor  ideas that you should definitely give a try.

Spray paint your planters

If you have air purifying indoor plants in your bedroom then you can brighten them up by simply spray painting the planters or the pots. You make creative patterns and choose a bright theme to paint your planters. 

Bangle wall decor

Want a  wall decor item? Then why not make use of the discarded bangles in your dressing table drawer? Simply take a thread that matches the colour of your wall so that it doesn’t show and hang each bangle on it to create a wall decor item. You can hang this pretty decor item on the wall behind your bed or even next to your dressing table to add a pop of colour.

Flower wall

To make a flower wall, all you have to do is take around 8-10 artificial flowers that have wire in them. You can take such flowers from any old bouquet, and attach them to one another by using a thread. Hammer a nail on your wall to hang the flowers. 


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