3 foot long white cobra found in Tamil Nadu, people got shocked

Sep 15 2019 11:39 PM
3 foot long white cobra found in Tamil Nadu, people got shocked

All creatures are coming out due to rain. In such a situation, creatures like snakes are being seen in many places, seeing which is creating panic among the people. Let me tell you, Cobra King is considered one of the poisonous snakes around the world, but the snake of cobra species is not only black, but another species is found. Its color is white which you may have never seen. It has been described as quite rare. A video has emerged of this, which you will be surprised to see.


Let me tell you, white cobra has been seen in a residential area in Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu). A residential area of Edayarpalayam in Coimbatore (Coimbatore) in Tamil Nadu created a stir when people saw a white cobra. The length of the white cobra snake found in this area is said to be 3 feet. However, this cobra snake is captured and released back into the safe forest. According to the information, this snake has been released in the Madukkarai Forest.

It is said that the length of white cobra snake can be from 6 to 7 feet through 10 inches. In India, snakes of this species are found in the Sundarbans National Park of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal and Kaziranga National Park in Assam. That is, this species of cobra is rarely seen and when it was seen, people were surprised.

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