3 Ways to hang posters for stylish abode

Nov 21 2020 01:55 PM
3 Ways to hang posters for stylish abode

Decorate your abode with your favourite posters add characters to your room and wall. It gives much-needed colour and vibrancy to your surrounding. Posters are easy to hang and have no weight of their own. They can easily be hung with tape or on a nail. Hanging posters in your room can be an interesting way to personalise it. They can help you express your taste in art and let you display your interests and passions. The numerous ways to hang a poster without actually getting it framed are here. 

1) Use Washi tape

These tapes are a great idea to style your posters and protect your walls. You can make a border around the posters to outline it and enhance its appearance. 

2) Use a hanger

You can clip your poster on a hanger and hang the hanger on the nail. Just an innovative way to hang your poster without making it look too basic.

3) Use Glitter tape

Glitter tape can immediately perk up your posters. Your poster and frame with the tape in innovative designs to give it a glam look.

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