300 scientists write letter to PM Modi on corona, says this
300 scientists write letter to PM Modi on corona, says this

New Delhi: The situation in corona in the country is getting worse day by day. Over the past few days, the situation has become so explosive that more than three and a half lakh new cases are being registered. Now not only are cases increasing but dangerous variants of the virus have also been observed in many states. Whether it is a double mutant of a triple mutant from Bengal. Realizing the urgency of the situation, 300 scientists in the country have written to PM Modi.

The letter appealed to PM Modi to allow scientists in the country to conduct all kinds of data studies to better understand the virus and take some necessary steps in time. The letter has been drafted by Professor Shashidhara of Ashoka University and Professor Pratho Majumdar, a scientist at NIBMG, Kolkata. Shashidhara has stressed that the situation in corona in the country is deteriorating and if necessary steps are not taken in time, the situation will go out of control. He has explained that scientists should now be allowed to use all kinds of data. As soon as this happens, the epidemic will be fought more effectively and a variety of steps will already be taken.

The letter also expresses concern that corona cases in the country have increased very fast. Many official figures show that 20 times more cases have actually been reported than what is currently being seen. Many people are not only spreading this virus but also playing the role of the super spreader in society. Scientists believe that if accurate predictions are made in time, the government can take many necessary steps and save lives.

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