31 billion rupees came into the account of a brick-kiln worker...
31 billion rupees came into the account of a brick-kiln worker...

LUCKNOW: brick-kiln worker in Uttar Pradesh's Kannauj suddenly got billions of rupees in his bank account from somewhere. Billions of rupees came into the worker's account not once but twice. However, now the money has also disappeared from the bank account of the worker. In fact, the worker's bank account had suddenly received 31 billion 7 crores 49 lakh 45 thousand 625 rupees from somewhere, as soon as the news spread in the village, there was a stir among the neighbours.

The labourer came to know about this wealth when he came to withdraw money from the bank. Speaking to the local media, the labourer said that someone had put the money in his account, which is the subject of investigation. At the same time, it is being told that this error happened on behalf of the bank and how this mess happened, it is being investigated. The bank account of the worker is in the Bank of India (BOI). The case pertains to Kamalpur village under the Chhibramau area of the Kannauj district. Biharilal, a resident of Kamalpur village, run his family by working as a labourer at a brick kiln. The labourer said that the bank worker was also stunned after seeing the details of the worker's account. At one time, he could not even read the entire amount properly, how much money is in his account.

At the same time, after the case came to light, the bank account of the worker has been sealed and only Rs 126 is left in the worker's account. The bank is investigating the matter, it is said to be a technical glitch. According to a report, the worker's wife said, "So much money has come, when it came to light, the only thing on my mind was to build a nice house. Let me get my daughter married and make my son do some work. But the next day, the dream was shattered. There are five daughters and two sons. The eldest son does nothing.''

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