Corona returned to China again, 42 cases surfaced in a day
Corona returned to China again, 42 cases surfaced in a day

Beijing: The number of infected people in the country increased to 81,907 on Friday after 42 new cases of corona virus were reported in China. With this, the people of the country who have recovered from this pandemic have also been re-examined so that all the routes of this deadly virus can be closed.

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Chinese health officials have said that 38 out of 42 people are from outside. Officials said on Friday that 47 such people were found infected with corona, in which there were no symptoms. 14 of them are people from abroad. China's Health Commission (NHC) said on Friday that 42 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the country, including 38 from outside. China said on Thursday that as new infection cases continue to grow, a new trial protocol has been introduced to speed up the investigation of asymptomatic cases along with re-testing of patients with coronavirus.

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There is concern that the infection may return to China. This step has been taken at a time when China has lifted the 76-day-long lockdown from Wuhan. This transition started from here. There has been one death in Hubei province, a sub-centre of the coronavirus in China, with the total number of deaths reaching 3,336. While the number of confirmed cases reached 81,907 on Thursday.

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