China’s secret reveals after revised figure, says,
China’s secret reveals after revised figure, says, " did not hide epidemic"

Beijing: The outbreak of Corona that is getting increased suddenly takes the form of epidemic for the whole world. This virus has caught more than 154000 deaths so far. But still this death game has not stopped. This virus has rocked the whole world today. China has revised the death toll amid criticism that the corona epidemic was to hide the actual data. China has increased the death toll in the city of Wuhan by 1290 in the epicenter of the epidemic. The number of people who lost their lives to the Coronavirus has increased to 4632.

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After the revised figures, 3869 deaths in Wuhan alone, the number of infected people reached 50,333: According to the official news agency Xinhua, the Wuhan municipal headquarters has revised the figures of corona-infected cases and deaths on Friday. In Wuhan, by April 16, there has been an increase of 325 cases of infected cases. The number of people infected has increased to 50,333. After the increase in the number of dead, the number of people who lost their lives from Corona in Wuhan alone has increased to 3869. The number of deaths from Corona has also increased to 4,632 in the country. Wuhan municipal headquarters said in a notification, these amendments have been made in accordance with the relevant rules-laws, history, the principle of being responsible to the people and the dead.

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China admitted, mistake in finding the cause of death, did not try to hide Corona: China has admitted that in many cases there was a mistake in finding the cause of death or many cases could not be detected. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, "We have never tried to hide the outbreak of the corona epidemic." Statistics verification has been used to find the exact number of casualties in Wuhan. Revision of data for such a large epidemic is a normal international process. Several global leaders, including US President Donald Trump, questioned the data related to China's epidemic.

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