Use these 5 Astro tricks to get success!

Aug 09 2019 04:20 PM
Use these 5 Astro tricks to get success!

According to the religious saying and Astro, there are many things that should be done before you leave the house and life and earning will be successful. The auspiciousness of the day is essential whenever you exit an important task and you can take several measures for that. Yes, you can take some measures to avoid obstacles and obstacles before you leave the house. Let us know.

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1. Going to the work while leaving the house for any necessary work, outside the threshold of the house, on the east side, a handful of smoky (red-black gun, a type of densitometry that is used in many diseases) If you set foot on it, go out for work, then you will definitely succeed in the task.

2. While going for the accomplishment of a task, take a chapati in your hand before leaving the house and then cut it and go wherever the crows appear along the way. Doing so leads to success.

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3. It is said that if you want to go for some work, take a lemon and then bury 4 cloves on it and chant the mantra: 'Om Hanumante Namah  And take it with you after chanting 21 times.' They say that this will not lead to any hindrance to the work.

4. It is said that the work on exiting from home after throwing a pinch of heng from its top to the north direction succeeds.

5. In the morning, say 'Shri Shrine' with three green cardamoms in the right hand, eat it, then go out and all your work will be done.

If one of these measures are taken on Tuesday then you'll have lots of money!

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