If you do not sleep at night, these 5 drinks will help you

Many people have started having problems falling asleep at night. If the person is not able to sleep well and continues this every day, then he may be surrounded by many diseases which can be physical and mental. There can be many reasons for not coming at night. But to keep yourself healthy, you need a very good night's sleep. So that is not the case with you, we are telling you about 5 drinks that will help you get good sleep after drinking. Know about those drinks

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Hot chocolate
Drink a cup of hot chocolate at night before bedtime, this will help the body and mind to relax. Drink this drink while sipping on the bed, so that the effect will be better.

Milk contains calcium and tryptophan which trigger melatonin hormone in the body. It relaxes the body and starts sleeping. This is the reason why melatonin is also called sleep hormone.

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Cherry juice
A study has revealed that drinking cherry juice two hours before bedtime leads to deeper and better sleep. The problem of not sleeping on drinking this juice every day also goes away.

Green tea
Green tea contains amino acid elements that trigger sleep hormones. Also, the heat of this drink relaxes the muscles of the body, which leads to good sleep.

coconut water
Coconut water is considered an energy drink, but the potassium and magnesium muscles present in it also help to relax and relieve stress. This reduces the problem of not sleeping.

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