Take special care of your feet during rainy days to avoid infection
Take special care of your feet during rainy days to avoid infection

Skin is being severely damaged with water from all around. Humidity, and stickiness increase in the weather along with rain, which causes the risk of infection and other skin problems on the skin. The problem of infection in the skin of feet can also arise due to soaking feet in water stored by rain. This type of infection not only damages the skin of the feet but also damages the skin tissue. In this season, you have to pay special attention to your feet. Let us know some of its tips.

1. Keep feet clean - Moisture and wet shoes-socks increase the risk of fungal infection in the feet. Always keep feet clean to remove the risk of this infection. Immediately wiping the skin of the feet is beneficial.

2. Exfoliate- Exfoliate is useful for keeping feet healthy. Exfoliating the feet removes dead cells and makes the feet soft. To scrub on the feet, it is useful to scrub by adding sugar to olive oil.

3. Wear shoes after drying in the sun - Don't wear wet shoes and sandals etc. Wear it only after drying them in the sun because there is a high risk of causing bacteria in wet shoes and slippers. Drying the shoes in the sun kills their moisture and bacteria and keeps the feet healthy.

4. Keep care before sleeping- You should wash your feet thoroughly with water and soap before going to bed at night. On the relief of the feet, moisturizer should be put to sleep so that the feet remain healthy and beautiful.

5. Clean the nails of feet - Clean the nails of the feet twice a week and if possible, keep the nails of the feet short, this removes dirt from the feet and makes the feet beautiful.

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