5 pictures that prove Manju Warrier is an effortlessly cool superstar

Jun 24 2021 01:31 PM
5 pictures that prove Manju Warrier is an effortlessly cool superstar

Entering movies as a teenager, becoming a tool of the legendary filmmakers’ storytelling, churning out hits one after another, and in just a span of four years earning the title of ‘The Lady Superstar’ . Manju Warrier has earned her spot as a superstar. She is unarguably one of the most influential women in Malayalam cinema and most importantly an icon, whom women can look up to.

01 ​Confident as hell!

Ask Manju Warrier what her favourite accessory is and she would say, ‘confidence’. And this recent picture is proof.  Manju Warrier is flaunting her confidence in style. “BE YOUR OWN WONDER WOMAN,” she captioned and we totally agree with her!

02  Never stops learning

The superstar is a multifaceted talent. She can act, she is a charismatic dancer, she can sing.And recently we saw her painting. Although she called her an ‘accidental artist’, she just proved that she never quits the cycle of learning.

03 ​Finding happiness in the little things

The superstar is seen happily relaxing with a coffee from Starbucks and she is indeed finding happiness in the little things that life offers. “Life happens, laughter helps! And coffee too…” she captioned, and we cannot agree more!

04 ​An absolute fashionista

Manju Warrier dons outfits that offer her comfort and that are effortless. Let’s not forget that women started to copy her white shirt and black pleated skirts ever since her viral click!

05 ​When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Manju Warrier’s life and career is an inspiration to many women. This viral picture of her decked up in a white shirt and black skirt waving to the folks with her million-dollar smile, was the talk of the town for over a month. 


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