53 people arrested for protesting illegal assembly in Hong Kong

Jun 29 2020 10:07 AM
53 people arrested for protesting illegal assembly in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Cases of increasing crime are coming up all over the world, due to increasing crime every day, people's problems are increasing. Due to which today the number of people dying in the world is increasing. The same question is arising in everyone's mind whether we are safe in our homes or not.

Not only this, in the midst of growing case of this crime, the police has also increased. Hong Kong Police has arrested 53 people who had gathered illegally in Mong Kok area. According to police, 41 men and 12 women were among those arrested. Police say some people staged a protest on Nathan Road from Jordan to Mong Kok on Sunday afternoon.

According to the information received, the police alleges that the protesters shouted slogans by blocking the road and violated the law. It has been learned that there is tremendous resentment against the National Security Act of China in Hong Kong. Protesters are demonstrating this everywhere. The Hong Kong police is also eyeing the scene. In the vicinity of Dundas Street, police officers were intercepted, thus pepper spray was used to prevent illegal acts. Given the situation, the police took strict action and conducted an arrest operation. Around 5 o'clock. In local time, the police arrested 53 people for illegal assembly. Police said they would closely monitor the situation in various districts.

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