Three men gang-raped 55-year-old woman in Muzaffarpurr

Oct 17 2020 03:56 PM
Three men gang-raped 55-year-old woman in Muzaffarpurr

Muzaffarpur: A case of shame on humanity has been reported in a village under the Hammer police station area of Muzaffarpur district of Bihar where a 55-year-old woman has been gang-raped. The incident is reported on the evening of 15th October. The aggrieved elderly woman has complained about it at the police station. In her complaint, the victim said that she had exited the house to defecate on Thursday night.

According to the victim, she was just a little farther away from her house three crooks who were already hiding. The three grabbed her together. One shut the mouth, one grabbed her hands and feet. Then they forcibly took her to a deserted place. Where they, turn by turn raped her. She then escaped in the injured condition. During the visit, three miscreants also threatened not to complain to anyone about the incident.  After those people left, the victim somehow reached her home and briefed the family about the matter.

When the victim came to complain to the police station, they were beaten up. When the victim's family talked to the sarpanch Vinod Das, he refused to help. According to local women panchayat representatives, the case is being reported. The committee who examined the application, has also spoken about the land dispute. The investigation into the case is continuing.

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