6 things you need to remember in Live in relationships

These days due to changes in environment, surrounding the relationship in our lives is also changing our relationship with our parents. friends , family members are changing as the time changes the relationship between the partners are also changes there was a time when we use to believe that love is everything in our life and we made various compromises in order to woe our partner. But now a days these things are changes as in today’s world everyone needs their own space time money as people are very practical and that’s why the trends of live in relation ship specially in countries like India is increasing. These days most of the youngsters are going for live in relationship as the fine live in relationship less problem attack but they are very problem which are associated with live in relationship so before moving in with your partner you should get the things in your mind in order to enhance love in live in relationship.

Manage finance: it is a might that money does not matter in love as money is one of the most important thing and it is one of the major reason of fight between couples. So it is very important to have a clear idea about finance and share the financial responsibility equally so as to avoid problem in future.

Personal space: it is a fake that everybody needs own space in starting possessiveness looks good but as time passes get irritated with possessive nature or possessive behaviour one needs one it’s face when it’s one freedom. Our loved ones, sometimes unintentionally, hurt our feelings, make us cry and make us experience sadness and sorrows. Therefore it is important to provide personal space   in relationship.

Respect: respect is very important in any relationship do not lose your relationship in any relationship or in live in relationship the first thing you have to worry about is respect and try to give your partner as much respect as you give it to your family members and you should also have a knowledge between respect and ego. Do not associate respect with ego. There is a huge difference between respect and ego. Respect can make your relationship and ego can destroy your relationship.

Share your responsibility: if you want to make your live in relationship work then it is very important to divide the responsibility between both the partners equally. From cooking together to making small yet thoughtful romantic gestures like bringing your partner breakfast in bed once in a while or making their morning coffee just the way they like it, there are so many ways to show you care for each other. And do not associate responsibility on the basis of gender.

Clear idea about future plan: before moving in a live in relationship you should have a proper future plan you have a clear plan if you want to get married or not or if your partnering and to married or not because this thing with problems in future and because of this the crying sir also increases. . Think very clearly about why you both want to take this step with ease your expectations and promises and whether this will lead to marriage in the future and not. Giving false hope just to enjoy a live-in relationship can be disastrous.

Pregnancy: Before moving in given relationship you and your partner must have been clear conversation about pregnancy that if during your relationship create if you can see a child so what are your plans how to use deal with the situation so avoid the problem in future. However, if you are very sure, it won’t be a problem at all!.

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