5 Amazing reasons to have Jaggery daily in winter

We all are excited about winters but winter also brings viral, fever and various other health related problems.  Enjoying some warm delicacies that satisfy our desires for sweetness is  very important in winter.   Even if we enjoy indulging in sweet foods, the calories in refined sugar might derail our efforts to stay healthy. Jaggery is consider very healthy for winter season and our elders also tells us to eat Gud daily in winter season as  Nevertheless there are numerous other benefits to switching to jaggery in the winter. Jaggery. Here are  benefits of having Gud or jaggery daily in winter.

Help to fight period pain: Various vitamins and minerals found in jaggery. A small amount of jaggery can be eaten to make up for the energy lost during menstruation. Endorphins, the pleasant hormone that makes you feel good and eases period pain, are released by jaggery. You can combat sudden mood swings, shifting hormone levels, and cramps in your stomach by consuming a modest amount of jaggery after meals.

To Fight with viral and fever: Several Ayurvedic medications and treatments contain jaggery as an active ingredient. This is due to the fact that jaggery has a warm potency that helps in providing the body with enough warmth. Mixing it with ginger, tulsi leaves, and other components can aid in the healing of sore throats, seasonal flu, cold coughs, and fever.

Cleaning Blood:  Jaggery is naturally rich in iron, folate, and other important nutrients that help in blood purification. Jaggery is an ingredient that can be added to food to help purify the blood and boost haemoglobin levels. It also enhances brain function by naturally boosting the brain's oxygenation.

Boosting immunity: Jaggery is considered to be one of the best immune-boosting foods available to humankind because it is rich with nutrients and aids in body purification. This is also the reason behind why people consume more jaggery in the winter, when their bodies require an extra boost in immunity to fight against illnesses like the flu and the common cold.

Weight Loss: Sugar, best known to boost blood glucose levels and increase the risk of excessive weight gain, It Jaggery is an excellent substitute for sugar. Jaggery is a sweet that can help you better manage your weight while also lowering your blood sugar levels. Jaggery also keeps you to stay healthy specially in winters. 

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