63 chickens killed by loud sound of DJ

Odisha: All of you have ever heard that chickens die due to loud noise! Maybe not! But it has happened. Yes, in fact, this has happened in Balasore, Odisha. The owner of a poultry farm here says that 63 of his chickens were killed by the loud noise of a DJ in his neighbour's barat. The youth has filed a case against the neighbour in the case and demanded action.

In a complaint lodged at Nilagiri police station as part of the entire case, Ranjit Parida, owner of a poultry farm in Kandagradi village, claimed that his chickens died due to the loud voice of a DJ in the barat of his neighbour Ramchandra Parida. He has claimed that the chickens suffered a heart attack with a loud noise. Ranjit says that at around 11.30 pm last Sunday, Barat passed in front of his farm with the DJ band and as the DJ approached his farm, the chickens started to act strangely. Some of them started jumping.

Ranjit further said that he asked the DJ several times to reduce the voice but did not consider it a neighbour. Finally, 63 chickens died. The farm owner reportedly tried to revive the chickens after they fell, but all the attempts failed. He then underwent an examination with a local veterinarian and said that the birds were shocked due to loud noise, killing them.

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