OMG! DM's cow falls ill, 7 doctors put in for care
OMG! DM's cow falls ill, 7 doctors put in for care

Fatehpur: The cow of DM Apoorva Dubey has fallen ill in the Fatehpur district of UP. It is being told that the DM has put the duty of 7 government doctors to take care of the sick cow. This group of doctors will take care of the DM's cow in the morning and evening and submit their reports. Today i.e. on Sunday, the letter has gone viral on social media and there has been a stir since the letter went viral. However, many people are associated with DM Apoorva Dubey on all social media platforms and are building pools of compliments for her. Followers on social media are writing different comments. A letter has been issued by the Chief Veterinary Officer of Fatehpur, Dr. Sandeep Kumar Tiwari.

In this letter, he has warned the veterinary doctors of direct action if they are lax about the work given. After this letter came to light, there has been no response from DM Apoorva Dubey in this case so far. The letter, which is currently going viral on social media, has an order to take care of DM Apoorva Dubey's cow. And for this, the Chief Animal Officer, Dr. Sandeep Kumar Tiwari had issued the letter on June 9.

In the letter, Dr. Manish Awasthi veterinary officer Bhitaura, Dr Bhuvnesh Kumar Veterinary Officer Airayan, Dr Anil Kumar Veterinary Officer Ukathu, Dr Ajay Kumar Dubey Veterinary Officer Ghazipur, Dr Shiv Swaroop Veterinary Officer Malwan, Dr Pradeep Kumar Veterinary Officer Asothar, Dr Atul Kumar Veterinary Officer Haswa were directed to take care of the same. You may also be aware that Apoorva Dubey is the wife of Kanpur DM Vishakha.

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