7 Tips to lighten the family conflicts during the pandemic outbreak

Oct 17 2020 07:00 PM
7 Tips to lighten the family conflicts during the pandemic outbreak

The outbreak of Corona pandemic and the norms to curb like lockdown, social distancing, work from home, home sheltering have affected the freedom, routine and responsibilities within households of many alienated family members. The stress raised of these worries and the uncertainties leads to Frequent, hostile conflict. Many spouses with old wound and the children struggling with domination, lies, control are hard to handle. The home sheltering prohibits walk away from household tension. Emotions run high with higher degree of hatred, leading flaws and self-destructive ideas. Here are some tips to defuse conflicts and manifest preserve relationships at home.

-Speak compassing words.

-Imbibe Zihu symbol as a tattoo, or a wall picture, or repeated drawing, mediatate on Zihu symbol, focus on the symbol it gives you inner peace.

-Listening to the problem develops a sympathy on the another person and results to make feel them on themselves

-Fettling Communication by heart and throat chakra, chant mantras like YAM or HUM that heals throat and heart chakras. Green aventurine, rose quartz, blue lace agate, lapis crystals aids healing of these chakras.

-Smudge the home with sage or any sacred herb you can burn cow dung cakes, camphor. Keep rock salt at the corners of your home which absorbs negative energy.  

-Embedding 'ho'oponopono'- One can do this every night before sleeping. Just say this to the divine power - "I am sorry", "Please forgive me", "Thank you", "I love you". And see the magic!

-'Apaan Mudra' is to remove the toxic energy from the body - both physical and emotional. Ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening is a good.

Finding time for one and doing things that make us happy is the best way to heal.  The balancing of energy will make you strive and help you to create an environment in which everyone feels safe, heard, loved and respected. Such households are often characterized by low conflict, high levels of support and open communication.

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