This elderly person was broken after death of his wife but then workouts changed his entire life

Sometimes something happens in life that surprises but one should not sit back fearing it. This is the story that we are going to tell you today. Yes, this story is shared by Humans Of Bombay. Actually, he shared these pictures on Twitter. You can see in these pictures an elderly person is seen doing the workouts. At the same time, in these pictures, he also has an old picture with his wife. Now we tell you their story. Actually, this story has been shared on the insta page.



It says, "It was heartbreaking when my wife passed away in 1999, I was heartbroken. I also realized how dependent I was on her. Manjeet managed everything?from the house to our kids to run the publishing business with me, I still wonder how she did it! So after she was gone, I was in disarray; even the company fell apart. I wanted to give up on life in my 50s. I was depressed & began overeating. I was wasting my life away on my couch. I felt worthless as if I had no reason to carry on. I felt ashamed being pitied by others, including my children. I hadn?t left my home in years; I didn?t even know who my neighbor was! Somewhere, I?d lost myself. Finally, my kids yanked me out of it. They pushed me to take one step, any step So, after 30 years, when I was in my 60?s?I went for a jog. I was unfit?my breath gave way & my body hurt after.

But I finally had something to look forward to?every evening, I?d get excited whilst putting on my running shoes. I?d set small goals for myself like completing 2KMs without stopping.  Then, I participated in a 1500M marathon in the senior citizen category. I thought I?d win, but I placed 5th! That was the turning point; I was determined to win. I?d wake up at 5 AM & push myself to run! Within a year, I could run 15-20KMs in one go! I then enrolled for a 10KM marathon where I was running with people half my age. They said, ?Uncle, it?s inspiring that you?re even participating,? I replied, ?Participating? I?m here to win!? As I ran, I remembered Manjeet?I wanted to win for her. And I did?I placed 1st!  And then at 66, I joined a gym! Youngsters looked at me as if I should have been enjoying my retirement, but I felt like I had a new lease on life. So, from 5-8 am, I?d train, then I?d work with my kids on a new business & gym again from 7?10 PM. I even set a record at my gym by completing 584 pushups! The owner said, ?Sir, we?re making you our brand ambassador??I was ecstatic!''


''Today, at 75, I?m fitter than I?ve ever been & running a clothing company with my sons. Every day I look at Manjeet?s picture, hoping she?s proud of me, because every day, I want to be strong like her. Look Manjeet, I didn?t give up, even when I hit rock bottom."

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