8 thousand year old pearl found in excavation, researchers made big revelations

Abu Dhabi: Sometimes we find something which amazes us. Something similar has happened in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). During the excavation here, archaeologists have found a pearl 8000 years old. It has since been claimed that it is the oldest pearl in the world.

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According to media reports, this pearl came out during excavations on Marwah Island. However, how much is its price in the international market, it has not been disclosed yet. It will be put on exhibition in Abu Dhabi on 30 October. According to experts, the business of pearls was quite widespread in ancient times. At that time pearls were traded with Mesopotamia (ancient Iraq). In ancient times people used to use pearls as jewellery.

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According to the Department of Culture, pearls were found on the shores of Abu Dhabi in the 16th century. It was also mentioned by Gasparo Balbi, a businessman at that time. There was a time when the UAE economy was dependent on the trade of beads, but with the advent of Japanese culture in the 1930s, the business here completely collapsed.

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